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Australian 'Grain-Fed' Brisket

Simply perfect for Hot Smoking

These Excellent 'Grain-fed' Briskets have been specially sourced direct from Australia for the high levels of exterior and intra-muscular fat Marbling. These are the perfect Briskets for long slow, hot smoking which intensifies the wonderful deep flavours of the beef itself. The high fat levels, unlike anything we see in the UK are key to keeping the cut succulent throughout the slow cooking process.

Australian 'Grain-Fed'  Brisket


  • Meat Heaven from Down under
  • The Pitmasters Dream Roast
  • Favoured by Top Barbecue Restaurants
  • High level of intra-muscular Marbling
  • Perfect for Hot Smoking
  • Deliciously juicy with great depth of flavour

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