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Picanha Steaks

Picanha Steaks








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About this product

Wagyu Picanha Steak from Highland Wagyu. The Pinaha is a real South American cut that becoming far more popular throughout the UK, popping up in many specialist meat orientated restaurants and butchers alike. Although most of the best Picanha Steak comes from South American countries such as Chili, Uruguay and Brasil the Picanha is increasing in popularity worldwide with some great Picanha's coming from numerous state of the US and Australia. What makes the Picanha delicious is the marbling that comes from not only the breed of animal, but the diet too. Grain diets help to induce the levels of marbling that makes the Picanha the sought after cut it is today. The Highland Wagyu breed genetics and the associated feeding regime in my mind is what makes a Highland Wagyu Picanha an absolutely fantastic cut of World class standard.

  • Prime F2 Scottish Wagyu from Highland Wagyu, Perthshire
  • Producers of possibly the Best Beef in the UK
  • Cut, trimmed and ready to cook
  • Cook rare to med/rare for best results
  • Sensational flavour

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