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Ribeye Steak Canadian Angus

Ribeye Steak Canadian Angus












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About this product

New to us, and pretty rare to see in the UK. Pure Canadian Heritage Angus Beef that historically comes from the heart of Aberdeenshire! This is beautiful Beef and having sampled the Ribeye Steaks now "for Quality Control purposes of course" I can confirm they're pretty damn good. "Well, we need to know what we're selling!!"

Heritage Angus Beef is produced from hand picked cattle that graze on the finest grasses and fodders on select feeds. With a passion for agriculture that comes from Canadian Ranching families, Heritage Angus Beef is made from ranch-raised beef that exceeds expectations in its flavour, tenderness and quality.

Embracing time honoured traditional values from all of our ranching families, Heritage Angus Beef is legendary Angus Beef that you can trust and savour.


Traceability from pasture to plate

  • Canadian Angus Beef
  • Raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids
  • Raised on vegetarian feed
  • Humanely Raised

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