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HW Wagyu Brisket HW Wagyu Brisket

HW Wagyu Brisket

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About this product

Wagyu Brisket from Highland Wagyu is beyond the highest expectation of most. Having experienced cooking one of these, I can assure you, not only was this the best brisket I have ever cooked, it was the best brisket I've ever tasted and the same was said by all the seasoned meat eater around the table at the time.. If you know your briskets, I'm not going to preach. All I can say is.. "I would be quite happy if this cut was not to sell" I'm sure I could put it to good use... Yum!

  • Prime F2 Scottish Wagyu from Highland Wagyu, Perthshire
  • Producers of possibly the Best Beef in the UK
  • One whole Packer cut, extra trimmed
  • Sensational flavour and texture like nothing else
  • Possibly one of the best Briskets available in the UK right now
  • An ideal present for the serious Barbecuer who has everything

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