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Scottish Brisket Packer cut

Scottish Brisket Packer cut




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About this product

These are specially hand selected, local Scottish Briskets ideal for hot smoking. Yes, they're lacking a little on the fat marbling that we associate with some of the imported Grain-fed options but where they lack in fat, they more than make up for in flavour. Grass fed beef has tremendous qualities, with the most prominent being flavour. The Briskets have been very well trimmed and I would suggest leaving what fat is on them well alone to cook with. The flavour of the fat is absolutely superb and should be enjoyed along with the meat.

  • 100% Scottish Packer cut Brisket
  • Hand selected and trimmed ready to cook
  • The perfect Scottish Brisket for Smoking
  • Blast frozen to lock in the flavours and goodness associated with such meat in their optimum condition

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