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100% Pure Piedmontese Steak Burger ~ LOW FAT

This burger is exactly what it says it is... The 100% Pure, Piedmontese Steak Burger with only a light addition of our own hand blended seasoning that does little more than enhance the flavours produced by this succulent beef.Label-Piedmontese-Steak-Burger-3.png#asset:15576

100% Pure Piedmontese Steak Burger ~ LOW FAT


  • Pure Pedigree Piedmontese Beef
  • LOW FAT ~ It's as lean as you get!
  • Ideal for the Athletic and Health conscious professionals 
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Protein rich
  • High in Omega 3
  • Gluten Free



For best results: Do not overcook, use a digital thermometer to gain a core temperature of 75°C, Any higher will dry out and toughen the meat. A little extra care with these ultra low fat products goes a long way...

In Stock ~ Fresh, Uncooked Product




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