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100% Pure Piedmontese Steak Burger ~ LOW FAT

100% Pure Piedmontese Steak Burger ~ LOW FAT

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About this product

This burger is exactly what it says it is... The 100% Pure, Piedmontese Steak Burger with only a light addition of our own hand blended seasoning that does little more than enhance the flavours produced by this succulent beef. Available in various sizes to fit your appetite and meal planner.Label-Piedmontese-Steak-Burger-3.png#asset:15576

Ingredients: Beef (86%), Gluten free breadcrumb, rice flour, salt, dried onion, sugar, spices, preservative (E221) Antioxidant (E300) Natural Flavourings, Sulphite.

  • Pure Pedigree Piedmontese Beef
  • LOW FAT ~ It's as lean as you get!
  • Ideal for the Athletic and Health conscious professionals
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Protein rich
  • High in Omega 3
  • Gluten Free
Cooking Tips


For best results: Do not overcook, use a digital thermometer to gain a core temperature of 75°C, Any higher will dry out and toughen the meat. A little extra care with these ultra low fat products goes a long way...

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