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Piedmontese Rump Steak ~ LOW FAT Piedmontese Rump Steak ~ LOW FAT

Piedmontese Rump Steak ~ LOW FAT


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About this product

A Real Quality Rump Steak with LESS THAN 1% FAT!!! Beef doesn't get any leaner than this... Piedmontese are well known for producing the leanest meat in the world, "Naturally".... It's all in the breeding.Label-Peidmontese-Rump-Steak_170208_200536.png#asset:15579

  • Ultra Lean ~ Less than 1% Fat
  • Ideal for Athletes and the Health conscious
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Protein rich
  • High in Omega 3
  • Chunky Centre Cut only.. No Nonsense, Pure Quality
Cooking Tips

These Steaks are cut thick to encourage our recommended cooking instructions. For best results cook to Rare / Med-rare, rest and serve. Alternatively you could strip the steak for a lean, healthy and delicious Stir-fry.

Pre-sliced Stir-fry strips are also available here along with possibly... The Leanest Steak Mince in the World!

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