Ultimate Deluxe Wagyu Steak Burgers


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1x150g Pack

To make an amazing Burger, you need to start with an amazing product.. Wagyu is our meat of choice here, using only carefully hand selected cuts with just right ratio of fat to meat to keep these burgers as succulent as you’ll have ever had. So, we then go about creating the ultimate, deluxe Burger. For this we wanted a recipe completely different, one that would show off the quality of the meat itself. After trolling through the hundreds of recipes.. there was only one that stood out from Scotlands most highly acclaimed chefs Tom Kitchin.

The Burger meat is simply hand mixed with fresh herbs, spices, finely chopped onions, fresh eggs and dash of cream to create this, the Ultimate Deluxe Burger.. just WOW!!


  • Hand selected cuts of Wagyu Beef
  • Probably the Best Burger in the World
  • Sensational flavour and texture
  • All freshly prepared ingredients
  • Blast frozen when in perfect condition to lock in the intense flavours


Wagyu Beef (62%), Onion, Garlic, Egg, Pea Protein, Cream, Salt and Spices.

Contains: EGG, MILK