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Beef Short Ribs ~ Jacobs Ladder

Slow roasting or hot smoking really brings out the best in these amazingly tasty Short Ribs. Packed full of flavour they are a firm favourite in the Barbecue circuit, where the long slow smoking enhances the flavours and tenderness beyond the imagination of most!

Don't forget to give your meat a good rub with one of our very special range or dry rubs from Angus and Oink.

Beef Short Ribs ~ Jacobs Ladder


  • Slow cook for perfect results
  • Short Ribs of Beef on the bone for added flavour
  • Come as whole racks of 4-5 Ribs
  • Delicious marinated or dry rubbed before roasting or barbecued
  • Get them on your Hot Smoker NOW!


For best result cook as a whole piece low and slow for a long time, and get torn in..

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