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Flat Iron Steak

Quick to fry, these delicious Flat Iron Steaks are absolutely perfect for a mid-week treat that are also fantastic on the Grill or Barbecue. All the Beefy Steak flavour you'd expect from a Top Butcher's Shop and great value too!

Flat Iron Steak


  • Traditionally Matured Flat Iron Steak
  • Deliciously tender
  • Quick Fry, Fast Grill and BBQ
  • Great product no gristle, tasty steak


These steak are from a muscle thats worked fairly hard. For best results do not overcook as this will make the steaks tougher than the sole of your boot! If you follow the guidance by cooking rare to med/ rare, allow to rest then try slicing the steak with a sharp knife in a diagonal motion to produce thin strips. Season the strips while still on your cutting board and toss through the juices using your fingertips... You will find the beef extremely flavoursome, tender and easy to eat.

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