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Sirloin Steak of Hereford Cow

Sirloin Steak of Hereford Cow



In Stock ~ Product Supplied Frozen

About this product

If you're looking for something special, something different, something with a touch of class, rare and beautiful then here's the steaks for you.. These Sirloin Steaks come from a 12 year old Hereford Cow. The sirloins and ribs from this wonderful animal have been carefully handled with the utmost respect by the way of being pampered for the last 70 days in our special dry-ageing chamber "The Butchers Vault". During this time, the beef has lost a fair quantity of moisture thus concentrating the deep beefy flavours while breaking down the muscles into deliciously tender cuts of prime steak, ready for the most discerning of customers. Rarely will you ever come across beef on this quality, that commands the respect only a professional meat purveyor can handle.

  • 12 Year Old Hereford Cow Steak
  • Extra Mature, Dry Aged on the bone for 70 Days
  • A real Steak for the connoisseur of fine meat
  • Deep beefy Steak flavours unlike that of regular commercial beef
  • All steaks are professionally butchered to remove all excessive fat
  • All steaks come packed singly with a minimum weight of 250g each
  • Professionally blast frozen to lock in the magical history associated with this beef
  • This is a limited edition product, there was only one animal

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