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Cochinillo ~ Rack of Suckling Pig Cochinillo ~ Rack of Suckling Pig Cochinillo ~ Rack of Suckling Pig

Cochinillo ~ Rack of Suckling Pig


In Stock ~ supplied frozen

About this product

Well, if you like pork and partial to a suckling pig... This is the one for you.

'Cochinillo' or Suckling pig Racks of young tender Spanish Pork. Not a product for messing around with, these are full flavoured loins on the bone. Slightly sweet and almost delicate they're more a product you would see in a fine dining Spanish restaurant than here in the UK. However, I love these so much, have found them extraordinarily good on the barbecue and so easy to cook I just have to share them with you..


Each Rack weighs in excess of 1Kg each and supplied frozen having been blast frozen at source. This is the state in which most high quality Spanish Pork is supplied due to the short season of production and the ideal way to keep the product in perfect shape for transportation. Please allow time to defrost completely before cooking, preferably in a fridge over a couple of days.

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