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Brisket ~ USDA 'Choice' Grain Fed from Frontier Meats, Texas Brisket ~ USDA 'Choice' Grain Fed from Frontier Meats, Texas

Brisket ~ USDA 'Choice' Grain Fed from Frontier Meats, Texas

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OK Guys, this here is something a little different.. The expectations with buying great quality Briskets are that they're usually far too big unless your feeding an entire rugby team, commercially catering or require plenty to select the finest half dozen sliced required for a barbecue competition. However, this is where the "something special" comes into play. These Briskets were recently intercepted in Holland on route to some very special customers across Europe and were never intended for the UK market so we're pretty lucky to get them.

These 'Grain Fed' USDA 'Choice' Briskets are very small, they're like really small. In fact I've never seen Brisket so small! But, you know what they say about small packages, within each package is a very special cut of meat, highly marbled and the perfect size for cooking at home. Just think... they're a fraction of the cost, won't take all day and night to prep and cook, there will undoubtedly be a waste saving and you won't have to force yourself to eat Brisket in every meal for the next fortnight!

I'm not sure what you guys think, but I'm pretty excited about the fact I can now cook a brisket any day knowing that I'm not going to be pigging out on it for days on end.

These Briskets are sourced from Frontier Meats, Fort Worth, Texas... otherwise known as 'Cow country'. Unlike most USDA Meat the "Family's" Branded Beef we have from Frontier is raised without the use of growth hormones. 

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