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Chuck Tender Steak Highland Wagyu

Chuck Tender Steak Highland Wagyu







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About this product

Chuck Tender Steak of Highland Wagyu isn't a steak usually recognised as a Steak, more a braising steak. As with the rest of the carcass our aim was to maximise the steak cuts by harvesting as many new, suitable muscles to steak. To do this we had to sample dozens of cuts, one of which was the Chuck Tender. Not expecting this normally fairly tough cut to be suitable for steaking, we went about breaking the muscle into the two sides that sit sandwiching a thick undesirable seam of gristle. We sliced and cooked of a piece from the first side and found it wasn't great, we put it to one side and tried the other side with little confidence... Boooom!!! It was delicious. Tender, with lots of flavour when cooked rare. Just don't ask me what side was best, I'll take note of that the next time!

Although this cut has a little more bite than the prime cuts, it's beautiful light marbling showed through making these a great, new and exciting steak to try.

  • Prime F2 Scottish Wagyu from Highland Wagyu, Perthshire
  • Producers of possibly the Best Beef in the UK
  • Cook rare for best results
  • Sensational flavour and texture
  • A wonderfully diverse steak suitable for so many recipes

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