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Porterhouse Steak Black Rock Mountain

Porterhouse Steak Black Rock Mountain

Exclusive Black Rock Mountain Beef



In Stock ~ Product Supplied Frozen

About this product

What beautiful Steaks these are! The Porterhouse of Black Rock Mountain Beef from our Exclusive range. Dry Aged on the bone in our Himalayan Salt ageing chamber until they reach full maturity with perfect tenderness and full flavour. You don't get many of these on an animal so they're pretty special. We cut them all to 1-1.5" thick to ensure plenty depth of meat which allows you to cook the way you like them.


This is 'Black Rock Mountain' Heritage Angus and Hereford Beef from the foothills of Black Rock Mountain, Ireland. To put this quite simply, this is superior, hand selected beef from an area locally known as "The Model County" famous for its nutrient rich soil and temperate climate, ideally suited to grazing and the production of high quality, traditional grass fed beef.

  • Exclusive Black Rock Mountain Brand
  • Traditional Angus / Hereford beef selected for flavour
  • Grass fed, deep flavours
  • Traditionally Dry Aged
  • Blast frozen to lock in the freshness

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