IMPORTANT, Please note: This is a frozen item this year that will need at least 48 hours to thaw. Please bear this in mind when selecting your delivery date.

NOTE: Geese are in VERY Short supply this year. – Available for delivery or collection now.

Fancy something a little different for your Christmas Roast, why not give our favourite Goose of all time a try?

After the successes of last year, again we’re taking nothing to chance. We’ve tried all sorts of UK producers for our Christmas Goose but time and time again we are desperately disheartened at the quality and service from the producers. This year we will stand our ground and serve what we believe in, no false promises, no lies and no poor grade produce wrapped in a golden bow.

This year we will serve the Goose we love, the one we know best, trust and ultimately the Goose we know you will love too.

So… it’s back to the Goose that first bailed us out of a disaster many many years ago, a goose that’s been solid in performance, a goose that’s always produced a superior cook to any other we’ve tried. Yes, they’re a European Goose and they come frozen but you have to believe me, these are 100% the BEST Geese we as a family have ever had. Nothing else comes close and we’ve cooked many of them at home.

The seam of rich fat beneath the skin melts during cooking, naturally basting the breast meat, keeping it moist and succulent. The fat produced during cooking can then be used to roast vegetables and potatoes to perfection. We like to cook root vegetables and potatoes beneath the goose cooking above, allowing the drippings to coat and cook the vegetables in the most satisfying way!


NOTE: Due to Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) tearing through Europe and the UK right now, Geese are in Very short supply this year. We have only managed to secure a few of these right now so numbers are very limited.

  • Frozen at source in prime condition
  • Rich, dark meat
  • Specially selected for flavour
  • Fat ideal for Roast Vegetables and Potatoes
  • Great alternative to Turkey at Christmas or any weekend meal