Pack of 2 x 8oz Dry aged Rib Cap Burger


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2x225g (8oz) Pack

These absolute beasts, made purely from 100% Rib Caps taken from our Dry Aged Rib Roasts we cut for our Ribeyes. We cut a lot of Dry Aged Beef but unfortunately you don’t get a lot of meat from the Rib Cap so the amount of these specific burgers will be somewhat limited. After the dry ageing process is complete, the Rib Roasts are butchered, the Caps removed and hand processed through to Burger making where we produce them with a finished weight of 225g (8oz) each!


These are not normal, not small and not for the faint hearted.. just top quality from start to finish!

  • Only 100% Dry Aged Rib Caps are used
  • 2 x 225g (8oz) Burgers per pack
  • Blast Frozen



Beef Rib Cap meat, Rice flour, Salt, Dried Onion (Sulphite), Sugar, Spices, Preservative E221 (Sulphite), Dried Leek, Yeast Extract, Natural flavourings, Antioxidant (ascorbic Acid), Flavouring.

Contains: SULPHITE

Cooking Tips

Cook them through but don’t overdo.. 75ºC is the crucial temperature for succulence and safety.