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Ribeye Steak of Black Rock Mountain WXS Wagyu GOLD

Ribeye Steak of Black Rock Mountain WXS Wagyu GOLD

WXS GOLD ~ Superior Wagyu X Shorthorn Beef




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About this product

These Ribeye Steaks are nothing short of beautiful. With deep intra-muscular marbling that we associate with the Wagyu element of this beef comes superior textures and tenderness that won't disappoint.


Our exclusive "Black Rock Mountain Beef" is better known for its Heritage Angus and Hereford Beef, but sometimes we come across something just a little bit special amongst the traditional breeds we source. On this occasion we are proud to present to you, "Black Rock Mountain WXS, Superior Wagyu Beef" from the beautiful Southern Emerald Isle.

These Wagyu x Shorthorn breeds bring together the textures of Wagyu and the flavours of the Shorthorn to produce this excellent quality beef. Being grass few packs the punch in flavour with the diet supplemented by Olive feed and chocolate to provide essential nutrients and elements that contribute to the deep intra-muscular fat marbling we dream of.

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