Ribeye Steak of Black Onyx

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Imagine biting into a perfectly prepared piece of highly marbled Black Angus beef. Think of the flavour and mouth-feel, the juiciness and tenderness that only come from a highly marbled piece of the finest cool climate Black Angus. Take that sensation, and you have the very meaning of Black Onyx.

This MB3+ Black Angus beef is raised in the cool climate of the New England Tablelands and comes from the global leaders at Rangers Valley. It’s THE beef used in commercial kitchens across the world. And the one that celebrity chefs rave about ? it’s The Marbled Beef that all others are compared to..

This is Australian pure Black Angus Beef at its best… The ‘Black Onyx’ by Rangers Valley, beautifully marbled and of superb quality these steaks never fail to amaze with their incredible juiciness and flavour. Absolutely top class beef every time.


  • Australian Black Onyx Ribeye Steak
  • The Finest Cool Climate, Pure Black Angus
  • Cook rare to med/rare for best results
  • Absolutely wonderful flavour and texture
  • Professionally butchered with absolutely no waste

Product Supplied Frozen