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Sirloin Steak Westholme Wagyu BMS 6-7


Sirloin Steak Westholme Wagyu BMS 6-7 £58.32£63.18
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


The Westholme Wagyu Sirloin Steaks never disappoint. Wonderful soft textured Wagyu Beef with just the right amount intramuscular fat marbling to deliver juiciness and flavour on extraordinary levels. These particular steaks are graded to a Beef Marbling Score (BMS) 6-7 which is the mid / high end range, and we love them! The steaks are all cut between 1-1.25 inch thick which is ideal for cooking. As the animals tend to be quite large, this thickness gives us a heavier steak than usual which also makes them ideal for sharing. Wagyu is rich – the higher the BMS the less you generally want to eat so sharing really is the right thing to do and an enjoyable way to experience some of the finest beef in the world.

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