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Wagyu Ribeye Steaks F1 Australian

Wagyu Ribeye Steaks F1 Australian




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About this product

Darling Downs, Australian F1 Wagyu Ribeye Steaks are well known for there lovely soft intra-muscular fat marbling. With BMS3-5 (Beef Marbling Score) this is an ideal fat content that not only produces beautifully tender meat, it allows the meat to show it's full flavour of the beef itself. A fabulous cut with a finish on the palate that will Wow the most discerning of beef connoisseurs. Once cut, the steaks are vacuum sealed individually and blast frozen within a very short period of time to lock in the freshness and keep the steaks at their optimum eating quality.

  • Australian Wagyu Beef of outstanding beauty
  • An absolute must for the Steak connoisseur
  • Deep flavoursome beef and unbelievably tender
  • All Steaks are thick cut to the perfect cooking thickness
  • They're just special...

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