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Chiaroscuro Brisket


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Gluten Free


The amazing and rarely seen Chiaroscuro brisket, adorned with the chiaroscuro of its surface, showcases a captivating interplay of light and shadow. This artistic term, describing the contrast between brightness and darkness, perfectly encapsulates the visual allure of the intense marbling within this special cut. The meat’s appearance is a canvas of rich, deep hues and velvety shadows, embellished by intricate patterns of high-fat marbling gracefully winding through its muscles.

The marvellous distribution of fat marbling within the muscle fibres, transforms the brisket into a culinary delight. It is not merely a visual feast but a gastronomic treasure. This acts as a reservoir of moisture and flavour. As the brisket cooks, the fat gently melts, infusing the surrounding meat with its succulent grass fed richness. This ensures that the brisket remains tender, juicy, and incredibly flavourful throughout the cooking process. Additionally, marbling acts as a natural temperature regulator, aiding in maintaining a consistent temperature within the meat during cooking. It acts as an insulator, preventing the brisket from drying out or becoming tough. Furthermore, the marbling contributes to the formation of a delectable crust or bark during cooking, a hallmark of barbecue. As the fat renders it creates a smoky, caramelised exterior to the brisket, thus enhancing its flavour profile.

In summary, the Chiaroscuro brisket, accentuated by its intricate marbling, is a tribute to both the visual and gustatory senses. This play of light and shadow, fat and lean, elevates this humble brisket into a culinary masterpiece, promising a mouthwatering, tender, and flavourful dining experience that transcends the ordinary. It underscores the artistry of meat preparation and the appreciation of the harmonious balance of flavours and textures associated with such wondrous grass fed quality beef.


These briskets are very rare. While we source some incredible heritage beef throughout the year, the level of quality found in the Chiaroscuro grade brisket is typically associated with prime Angus cattle that have been exceptionally well-finished with the finest organic fodder.

Absolutely the Best Grass Fed Beef Briskets in the World!

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