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Black Rock Mountain Brisket – XM GOLD


The Extra Marbled Brisket

Black Rock Mountain Brisket - XM GOLD £81.95£126.65
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


OK, so you’ve tried our fine Grass fed Black Rock Mountain branded Briskets. You like them but want to ensure maximum intra-muscular fat marbling every time. Well, these specially selected XM-GOLD graded Briskets will ensure you get what your looking for. The trouble with Grass Fed Beef is, the Briskets don’t always take the marbling too well. We don’t generally sell what I would call a ‘regular’ Brisket, tending to focus on the Black Rock Mountain Angus and Hereford Breeds where we get amazing results from the Angus and Hereford beef we use. From the best of these we’ll take our selection for the XM-GOLD Label. The grading is determined by the level of intra-muscular fat marbling we can see visually streaking through the underside (flat) of the Brisket – this is the muscle that really benefits more marbling for that extra oomph!

Hey, this is grass fed beef, not corn or grain fed and that means – they cannot be compared. However, taking all Briskets as one I can wholeheartedly announce that these are absolutely outstanding on flavour and texture – The BEST Yet!

Oh Man – what’s next?


This is ‘Black Rock Mountain’ Heritage Angus and Hereford Beef from the foothills of Black Rock Mountain, Ireland. To put this quite simply, this is superior, hand selected beef from an area locally known as “The Model County” famous for its nutrient rich soil and temperate climate, ideally suited to grazing and the production of high quality, traditional grass fed beef.

  • Exclusive Black Rock Mountain XM GOLD
  • The Extra Marbled Select Full Packer Brisket
  • Traditional Angus / Hereford beef selected for flavour
  • Briskets of outstanding value
  • Grass fed, deep flavours
  • Blast frozen to lock in the freshness

Product Supplied Frozen