Australian Darling Downs Wagyu Brisket


Australian Darling Downs Wagyu Brisket £259.49
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Exceptional in quality, the Darling Downs Grain Fed F1 Wagyu Briskets sourced from AACO Australia stand out strong. While they might not be commonly found in the UK, they hold a prestigious reputation within the professional barbecue community around the world. These briskets, hailed as stellar Barbecuing Brisket, have clinched numerous Championship Barbecue Competitions over the years. If you’re tired of experimenting with more affordable briskets and aspire to elevate your skills as a Pitboss Barbecue Guru, don’t hesitate to give these a shot – they’re sure to leave a lasting impression!


These really are a lovely brisket with copious amounts of rich fat marbling that streaks through the muscles with a BMS 4-5, thus producing outstanding textures, flavour and juicines beyond expectation.

Product Supplied Frozen


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