Bavette Steak Star Ranch US


Prime USDA Steak

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This is for sure one of our favourite cuts of meat. The Bavette steak is a wonderfully marbled cut that's full of flavour when cooked to rare. When cooked as a larger piece the Bavette lends itself to a light smoke and reverse sear process on the barbecue. However, it is also extremely tasty chargrilled in the regular barbecue way, just be sure not to overcook and cut into delicious strips against the grain.

This is American USDA, Grain fed Bavette steak from Star Ranch, has beautiful marbling and a lovely tenderness that creates a real meat eating experience. This fabulous Beef Steak is quite extraordinary and cut to a sharing size so you can carve away while wowing your friends or guests. This is quite simply, a truly magnificent cut of meat.