Beef Mince 80:20 Smash Burger Mince


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For this mince we’ve used mostly Brisket meat as it’s full flavoured and has the right type of fat with a mixed ratio of 80% Beef to 20% Fat. Tastier and juicier than our regular lean steak mince this mince is great for making any regular minced beef recipes or your own burgers. Just add spices to your taste, maybe a little bread crumb, an egg, onions, chilli or whatever you want… we like to go naked, just salt and pepper. The handy sized pack will be enough for at least 4 x Super Sized Burgers or smaller if you prefer. Once you’ve completed your mix, break up into the sizes you want and either shape or press into burgers and grill or place the pieces onto a frying pan or hot plate on the barbecue and smash them with a smash burger press.

It’s simple, it’s tasty and great fun to do with the kids… The best bit.. build that Burger as high as you want, make the mother of all Scooby Snack and enjoy!


  • 460g Pack

Product Supplied Frozen

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