Short Ribs of Black Rock Mountain Beef


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Slow roasting or hot smoking really brings out the best in these amazingly tasty Short Ribs. These are selected from Angus and Hereford beef to suit the requirement for our Black Rock Mountain branded Irish Heritage Beef. Packed full of flavour they are a firm favourite in the Barbecue circuit, where the long slow smoking and cooking process enhances the flavours and tenderness beyond the imagination of most! We cut all of these taking the only meatiest of Bones.

Don’t forget to give your meat a good rub. Check out our Spice range from Angus and Oink


  • Slow cook for perfect results
  • Short Ribs of Beef on the bone for added flavour
  • Cut as whole 3/4 bone racks
  • Delicious marinated or dry rubbed before roasting or barbecued
  • Get em on ya Smoker NOW!