Thors Hammer – Bone in Beef Shank


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Thor’s Hammer has recently become a bit of an internet sensation in the world of Barbecue causing much excitement. Not a new thing, it’s been done many a time before but right now it’s the cook that needs to be done. The product used is basically a whole shank of beef on the bone, trimmed of the thickest gristle from the thin end and bone cut back to allow access to the bone marrow during and after the cook.

There are many way to cook these but be aware they are absolutely huge so you’ll need some height in your barbecue if you want to cook in the upright position. They’re a long slow cook and a taste sensation when the juicy gelatinous beef breaks down and soaks up the overspill of bone marrow.

Season well and hit it with smoke for the win but take your time, take plenty of times. It will be worth it!