Black Rock Mountain Ex Dairy Cow Bone-in Sirloin Steak

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These beautiful Ex-Dairy Cow bone-in Sirloin Steaks are fantastic. Thick cut and ready to eat following a simple thaw and cook.

Presenting our seriously good and thick cut bone-in Sirloin Steaks of exceptional quality. While most of our Black Rock Mountain range features Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, and Wagyu beef, this time we’re offering something unique: Ex-Dairy Holstein Friesian Cow Beef.

Don’t dismiss this beef just because it’s from a dairy cow. With proper handling and finishing on the farm, the quality can be truly outstanding. We treat these animals with utmost respect, and to further enhance their flavour and tenderness, we dry-age them for six weeks in our Himalayan Salt dry-aging chamber, also known as The Butchers Vault.

This meticulous dry-aging process tenderises the muscles and intensifies the already robust flavour profiles associated with this type of beef. We pour our love, care, and attention into producing beef like this, recognising the beauty and respect these animals deserve.

So, let us introduce you to this fabulous steak that will exceed your expectations and pay homage to the exceptional quality of this unique Ex-Dairy Holstein Friesian Cow Beef. Experience the result of our dedicated efforts and embrace the philosophy of respecting the cow.


  • Beautifully finished thick cut Sirloin Steaks on the bone
  • Ex-Dairy Holstein Friesian Cow
  • Dry Aged 6 weeks in our Himalayan Salt ageing chamber
  • Deep meaningful Beef flavour
  • Handled with respect
  • Butchered by professionals

Product Supplied Frozen


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