Brisket Whole Freedown Hills Wagyu

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These Briskets are from Freedown Hills, Olive fed UK Wagyu and one of the finest examples of the breed we’ve seen here. Unlike the the last ones, these are more of a full packer cut, so there’s a decent point end this time too. I’ve personally been through each and every one to make sure they’re in a suitable state to sell and I can promise you having cooked a few of these the results from what we’re selling here will not disappoint. At the end of the day, we’ve got some really class UK produced, Olive fed Wagyu Beef with some serious marbling that’s going to knock the socks off most other Briskets produced in the UK.


  • UK Produced F1 Wagyu
  • Olive Fed Beef
  • Butchered, graded and packed by masters of the trade
  • Professionally blast frozen to lock in the the freshness