Cajun Pasta


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One day, while scoffing yet another dish of Macaroni I noticed a tub of Cajun Spice… Wham! into the Macaroni it went for a bit of a spice up! Well, the rest is history. It was soo good we tinkered with the recipe and spices to get to this. Our Cajun Spiced, Cheesy Macaroni Pasta dish that’s a firm favourite for so many! Sometime it’s just the simplest of things that make the biggest changes.


380g Serving to feed 1-2 people depending on appetite and sides.

Cooking Instructions

For best results, thaw overnight in a refrigerator. Tear / remove lid. Oven bake at 180ºC / Gas 4 for 35-40 minutes. Ensure product is piping hot and wait 3 minutes before eating.