Chinese Salt and Pepper Chicken Kebabs


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Chinese Salt and Pepper Chicken Kebabs £4.99
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
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Salt & Pepper Chicken, just like you’d get from the Chinese restaurant but.. better! It’s got a little kick to it but an absolutely lovely flavour. This just works all day long, hot or cold, in a wrap or on it’s own.. it’s a cracker!


  • Low Fat from The Lean Butcher
  • 100% Chicken Breast meat only
  • 4 x 50g Skewers
  • Protein rich, this is a great start when incorporated as part of a calorie controlled diet.
  • Chicken meat is a great source of Iron, Zinc, vitamin B6 and niacin (vitamin B3), which are both essential for the body’s metabolism and energy production while maintaining the immune system and blood sugar maintenance.
  • Also found in Chicken is Biotin (vitamin B7) which helps cell growth and vitamin B12 which is essential to nerve cell and blood cell maintenance.
  • Blast frozen to lock in the freshness

Product Supplied Frozen



Chicken (97.1%),  Chinese Seasoning (2.9%) [Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Red Pepper, Onion, Chilli, Glove, Cinnamon, Anise, Coriander, Citric Acid, Chives, Fennel, Pepper, Szechwan Pepper, E621, E631.]

Cooking Tips

Add this cooked product to almost any dish you want. Chop and serve over a Salad, slam into a roll or simply serve on the stick with dipping sauces.

  • For best results, allow to thaw overnight in the fridge and cook within 48 hours.
  • Pan fry, grill or barbecue. All you got to do is cook thoroughly to a core temperature of 75ºC. Remember the rhyme (75 Stay Alive)


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