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Cotoletta Vitello ~ Italian White Veal Cutlet


Italian White Veal Cutlet

Cotoletta Vitello ~ Italian White Veal Cutlet
Cotoletta Vitello ~ Italian White Veal Cutlet £15.12£20.16
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


These very special steaks are more commonly referred to here as Cote de Boeuf which is basically a Ribeye Steak trimmed hard to only the finest muscle being left and the rib bone being left attached. This is Vitello Bianco Italiano or Italian White Veal of exceptional quality and most stunning steaks we’ve ever had.

This is just one of those moment that happen from time to time where you come across something new and different with all the teasers of being that something special. Not being one to be misled by fancy statements and false promises, we tried some and boy.. did we like it!! Although lean, the meat is succulent and delicate with juicy mellow flavours oozing from the meat that lends itself to simple seasoning to finish off what is an absolutely beautiful product. Bingo!


Our suppliers at Gruppo Vercelli take great pride in what they produce. Not only is this evident in the quality of the meat they produce, it is documented right back to the farms where animal welfare is recognised as one of the most important factors of production alongside diet plans and vaccine management to process this world leading product to the highest global industry standards.

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