Ex Dairy Cow Ribeye Steak – Butchers Classic

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These Ex-Dairy Cow beef Ribeye Steaks are thick cut and ready to go following a simple thaw and cook.

These are amazing value as is the wonderful taste of our Dry-Aged Ex-Dairy Holstein Friesian Cow Beef Ribeye Steaks, aged for six weeks in our exclusive Himalayan Salt dry-aging chamber, affectionately known as The Butchers Vault.

Through this timely dry aging process, we enhance the tenderness of the muscles while elevating the already robust flavour profiles inherent in this esteemed beef variety. Our dedication and passion shine through in every cut, as we honour the beauty and dignity these animals deserve. Indulge in these often small but thick-cut steaks of varying sizes, meticulously prepared to offer you a great value full flavored eating experience.


Butchers Classic Selection

For our ‘Butchers Classic Selection’ we go to great lengths to procure the finest produce we can. For the Classic Selection we only source from a few specifically selected, high quality meat suppliers from around Scotland, the wider UK and Ireland. This extensive supply grants us access to higher volumes of the finest speciality and rare breed specific meat, year round.

  • Thick cut Ribeye Steaks
  • Ex-Dairy Holstein Friesian Cow
  • Dry Aged 6 weeks in our Himalayan Salt ageing chamber
  • Deep meaningful Beef flavour
  • Handled with respect
  • Butchered by professionals

Product Supplied Frozen

Cooking Tips

Given the unique qualities of this beef and the dense nature of the muscles from mature animals, we strongly advise cooking these steaks rare and slicing them thinly with a sharp knife. Overcooking can lead to muscle tightening, resulting in a less desirable texture. Additionally, remember to allow your steak to rest and season it just before indulging – Bon appétit!


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