Flank Steak Butchers Classic


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Flank Steak or Goose Skirt, often referred to but not to be confused with Bavette or Skirt Steak. This cut has long robust graining with, light marbling. Flank Steaks are always best cooked in as large a piece as possible to rare or med/rare with a good 10 minutes resting period before slicing into strips against the grain. A super tasty cut when lightly spiced and added to a fresh salad. Alternatively when cooked separately and sliced it can be added to Stroganoff or Stir-fries at the last minute so as not to over cook while the other ingredients may take longer. Try this great recipe from Steve Raichlen, it’s just one of so many amazing recipes out there using this diverse cut. Delicious! https://www.foodandwine.com/re…


Butchers Classic Selection

For our ‘Butchers Classic Selection’ we go to great lengths to procure the finest produce we can. For the Classic Selection we only source from a few specifically selected, high quality meat suppliers from around Scotland, the wider UK and Ireland. This extensive supply grants us access to higher volumes of the finest speciality and rare breed specific meat, year round.

  • Prime Quality Beef
  • Cut, trimmed and ready to cook
  • Cook rare to med/rare for best results
  • Supplied Frozen