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Flat Iron Steak ~ Chilean Wagyu


Mollendo Wagyu

Flat Iron Steak ~ Chilean Wagyu £11.40£20.52
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Behold this remarkable cut: the mighty Flat Iron Steak. In Chile, it goes by the name “Asado de Tira” or simply “Tira.” This renowned cut of beef is cherished in Chile and finds its place on the grill, much like the flat iron steak enjoyed in various corners of the globe. Revered for its tenderness and exquisite flavor, it stands as a top pick for classic Chilean barbecue (asado) feasts. Now, when we talk about the exceptional Mollendo Wagyu alternative, we’re taking this experience to a whole new level. Just look at the magical marbling within this cut.


  • Superior Chilean Wagyu
  • Selected for exceptional flavour and texture
  • Exquisite marbling and beautiful meat
  • Blast frozen on site at its absolute best to lock in the magic

Product Supplied Frozen


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