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Chicken Whole Free-range


Specially Selected Free-range Chicken from one of the UK’s finest small scale producers.

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Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Castlemead Free Range Chickens represent the epitome of premium poultry, cultivated with the utmost care and dedication. Nestled on the picturesque Heywood Farm, located in the serene countryside near Radstock, just a stone’s throw from the historic city of Bath, this family-owned venture is steeped in tradition and generations of expertise.

We have a wide range of sizes of these wonderful birds ranging from small family size to some really large roasters ideal for a Christmas meal should Chicken be your personal choice over Turkey.


What sets Castlemead chickens apart is their commitment to slow, natural growth and a life entirely devoid of antibiotics. Unlike their counterparts found in mainstream supermarkets, Castlemead’s chickens are afforded the luxury of a longer and healthier existence, allowing them to thrive and flourish at their own pace.

From the first rays of dawn to the tranquil twilight hours, Castlemead chickens are granted the freedom to explore the lush and expansive fields that envelop their cozy homes. This liberty not only grants them ample space to roam and exercise but also allows them to engage in their natural behaviors, foraging for insects and enjoying the bounty of the countryside. It’s an idyllic life that not only ensures their well-being but also infuses their meat with a unique and delightful flavor profile.

Complementing this outdoor lifestyle, the chickens at Castlemead are provided with a diet carefully crafted to perfection. Locally sourced and expertly milled cereals are at the heart of their nourishment, ensuring a balanced and nutritious culinary experience when their meat reaches the table.

In essence, Castlemead Free Range Chickens are a testament to the harmonious blend of traditional farming practices and modern principles of sustainability and animal welfare. With every bite, you taste the rich history, natural splendor, and meticulous care that go into creating poultry of unparalleled quality and flavor. It’s a true farm-to-table experience that brings the essence of the countryside to your plate.

  • Traditional flavour
  • Succulent and tasty
  • Blast frozen on delivery to ensure top quality and freshness every time.

Product Supplied Frozen


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