Jack’n Cola


Beware: Seriously addictive

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200g Shaker

Specially produced to celebrate our invitation to cook at The Jack Daniels Invitational World Barbecue Championships, Tennessee 2018. Boy was that a memorable trip or what! and this rub is up there with memorable too.. It’s like the real thing with a touch of spicy fizz.

It’s just one of those rubs you pick up and can’t put down. Have a taste and you find yourself turning into a child while taking finger dipping to a new level, the increased speed and velocity you’ll find yourself dipping gets ridiculous! probably a rub best sold in twos..

If you have any left, it makes super Porky Cola Cube, burnt ends that just love a sweet and sticky cola reduction glaze to finish. Yum!


Sugar, Salt, Fruit powders (Orange, lemon, Lime, Pineapple), Coriander, Anise, Black pepper, Chilli Powder, Vanilla Sugar, Cinnamon, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide (<3% as anti-caking agent). Flavour enhancers (E621 & E631).