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Tri Tip Steak Jacks Creek Black Angus


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Gluten Free


The Jacks Creek 180 Day grain finished Black Angus Beef is of exceptional quality, high specification trim and full of the most incredible soft marbling we associate with top class Angus beef. Cooked to rare, well rested and cut across the grain produces stunning steak meat that really is tremendous. The Tri Tip has long been a favourite among those who really know their meat. If you don’t believe me then try one for yourself, just season well and cook like a huge steak. These are an amazing family favourite and you’ll know exactly what I mean once you’ve experienced them.


The fact that Jacks Creek have won the World Steak Challenge Trophy multiple times with their pure Angus beef is a testament to their commitment to producing exceptional quality meat that I cannot disagree with.

  • Possibly the finest Angus Beef in the World
  • Grain finished for maximum marbling tenderness and flavour
  • High specification trim
  • Minimal trimming required
  • Simply thaw and cook any day of the week

Product Supplied Frozen

1 review for Tri Tip Steak Jacks Creek Black Angus

  1. Keith Arthur (verified owner)

    Cooked one of these in the Kamado this morning. 250°f for about 45mins until 140°f internal. Wrapped in foil while the Kamado came up to searing temp — 400°f which also helped me finish the mac’n’cheese and sausages and start chargrilling aubergine and courgette. Got the meat back on the cast iron just above the coals and got a lovely sear. The meat was amazing and, should I say so myself, cooked to just medium. The centre was deep pink. I sliced, rather than carved, across the different grains and my sister and niece, who were guests, enjoyed their first taste of not only Kamado beef, but John Davidson’s beef…and some sliced The General hot links. I used a simple rub of 1 part salt (actually merlot infused salt), 2 parts coarse black pepper, 2 parts garlic granules, 1 part onion granules. Used some watch-your-sister (as I heard it called the other day) sauce as a binder.

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