Ribeye Steak of Ex-Dairy Friesian Cow Beef – Dark Red

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Well… would you have ever believed that a Holstein Friesian Cow would ever come out of its skin looking like this? This is absolutely fantastic beef. The most incredibly mesmerising strength of the intramuscular fat marbling running through these Ribeye Steaks is nothing short of extraordinary.


From Barcelona – Spain, we are delighted to bring this new brand of beef to you.. This is “Dark Red” – Ex-Dairy Friesian Cows finished to the highest quality. The Holstein Friesian cattle breed is well known for being the worlds highest-producing dairy animal. These wonderful animals when reaching the end of their career take up fattening very well thus producing fantastic and very high quality beef. With the adage of age and many years of a natural – high nutrient grass diet the flavours from this beautiful beef is quite spectacular. The loins from this beef are dry aged for approx 6 weeks prior to cutting to further enhance the flavours and textures that we’re looking for.