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Wild Scottish Pheasants, professionally prepared and ready for roasting in your kitchen. Sourced exclusively from local Highland and Lowland estates, these pheasants stand out not only for their authenticity but also for the exceptional quality they bring to your table.

Raised in the wild, the natural environment of the Scottish landscape imparts a unique depth of flavor to these birds. Their free-range lifestyle contributes to a lean and tender meat texture, while the varied diet they enjoy in the wild adds complexity to their taste profile. The result is a deliciously succulent and nuanced dining experience that captures the essence of Scotland’s pristine wilderness.

Carefully selected for their premium quality, these Wild Scottish Pheasants reflect the commitment of local estates to ethical and sustainable hunting practices. By choosing these pheasants, you not only support responsible sourcing but also bring the freshest, finest flavors to your culinary creations.

Indulge in a roasting adventure with these kitchen-ready pheasants, and elevate your dining experience with the rich, natural taste of the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands. Each bite tells a story of authenticity, quality, and the unparalleled essence of wild game.


  • Wild Whole Pheasant
  • Sourced in Scotland
  • Prepared and ready to cook
  • Warning – this product may contain shot

Product Supplied Frozen

Wild Scottish Pheasants, delicious and fully kitchen ready to roast. Sourced from Local Highland and Lowland estates they’re of the highest quality, professionally processed and dressed.

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