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Butteries / Rowies

Buy Traditional Aberdeen Butteries / Rowies Online

One of the most popular ex-pat purchases! Known as Butteries, Rowies or Aberdeen Rolls, these "Delicacies" are a favourite here in the North East of Scotland. You may have tried supermarket wannabes but these are the real deal.

These butteries are completely different from rolls anywhere else in the modern world. They have the fat content of a croissant but a far more robust, flattened shape - and they're saltier. In bygone days the fat content was lard as the buttery was used as an energy source for fisherman at sea, however, today the lard is substituted with vegetable fat to make them more appealing to the general public, healthier and tasty too. Very Moreish!

Butteries / Rowies


  • Aberdeen Butteries / Rowies
  • Perfect with sweet or savoury toppings
  • A Breakfast roll with a difference
  • Ideal for freezing

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