Baby Back Ribs – Really Meaty Catalonia


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Introducing our sensational Meaty Rack of Baby Back Ribs from Catalonia, Spain, a true game-changer in the market. These ribs are unlike anything you can find in the UK, and they’re taking the Baby Back Ribs scene by storm.

Having tried and tested these ribs ourselves, we can confidently say that the cut is perfect. The meatiness and tenderness is exceptional, creating a memorable eating experience that will leave you craving more.

It’s time to elevate your barbecue game with these Meaty Rack of Baby Back Ribs, discover a new level of barbecue satisfaction with simple quick to cook quality ribs.


Sourced from a family-run Spanish processor in Catalonia, with a rich history and a strong commitment to animal welfare, these Baby Back Ribs come with a remarkable array of animal welfare certifications. We were delighted to discover that the exceptional quality of the product matches the outstanding values of the supplier.

It’s time to elevate your barbecue experience with these Meaty Rack of Baby Back Ribs. Embrace the flavours that the rest of the world is savouring, and support a supplier that values animal welfare and quality. These ribs will undoubtedly impress your taste buds and enhance your culinary endeavours.