2GR Superior Wagyu Sirloin


Superior Full Blood Wagyu

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There has been a very limited shipment of 2GR Australian Full Blood Wagyu to the UK. This is very special Wagyu beef and we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on a small quantity for our customers that look out for more unusual offerings. This is a real tick-box brand that oozes quality in every mouthful. We’ve chosen to go with mid-range Beef Marbling Scores (BMS) on this occasion, this way we can appreciate more of the muscle texture and beef flavours and then of course we can then push the boat out next time with the highest grades… if you fancy that?

The Sirloin Steaks we have on offer here are absolutely beautiful. We have the main Loin cut and a smaller quantity of the Vein End cut. The Vein end cut is often seen as a poorer quality cut as it is made up of two separate muscles and a slip of gristle between them. The Steak is often referred to as the Butchers Steak as they’re not as appealing to the eye as the other so don’t sell as well. Now, those who know there steak will understand when I say the Vein end is the larger of the two muscles on a Porterhouse Steak and the other being the Fillet, so it’s still a very good steak.