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Black Rock Mountain Angus / Hereford Brisket


Black Rock Mountain Angus / Hereford Brisket £69.30£107.10
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


When it comes to “Value for Money” these specially selected Angus / Hereford briskets from our “Black Rock Mountain Beef” brand are The Business. Although quite unlike our imported selections, these carefully hand selected Irish, grass fed Briskets have been picked out for their higher than normal intra-muscular fat marbling thus making them a juicy, full flavoured alternative to grain fed. We’ve cooked a few of these now and I can personally vouch that when cooked right, they’re pretty bad-ass good and surprisingly, stand up head-to-head against many others that would normally be perceived as higher quality!

This is ‘Black Rock Mountain’ Heritage Angus and Hereford Beef from the foothills of Black Rock Mountain, Ireland. To put this quite simply, this is superior, hand selected beef from an area locally known as “The Model County” famous for its nutrient rich soil and temperate climate, ideally suited to grazing and the production of high quality, traditional grass fed beef.


  • Exclusive Black Rock Mountain Brand
  • Traditional Angus / Hereford beef selected for flavour
  • Briskets of outstanding value
  • Grass fed, deep flavours
  • Better than your average Brisket
  • Blast frozen to lock in the freshness

Product Supplied Frozen