Italian Stallion Steak Seasoning


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Italian Stallion Steak Seasoning
Italian Stallion Steak Seasoning £8.99
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Gluten Free
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220g Shaker

“Inspiration from Northern Italy and a memorable steak whilst sitting next to Lake Garda!” Said the man from Delmonte’… well.. actually not really, it was the old fella from Angus & Oink, I wasn’t invited on the Italian trip (Sad face).

This seasoning works especially well with Beef and Lamb


Add A&O Italian Stallion to steak or Lamb, the Rosemary in this seasoning really comes through, making it an ideal match for these meats.

Apply to moist surface and allow to marinade, or sprinkle on as you cook the steak to build up layers of flavours. Additionally you can season the chopping board while you slice up your hot steak, flavour layer up flavour layer!


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Salt, sugar, garlic, black pepper, onion, rosemary, fennel, lemon powder, bay, red bell pepper, thyme, E621, E631.