Black Rock Mountain Ex Dairy Cow Chateaubriand

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The Chateaubriand Fillet roast is a highly sought after and rare cut from this beautiful Ex Dairy Cow beef. Cut from the the head of the Fillet there only two of these rare cuts on an entire animal!

Most of the Beef we source for the Black Rock Mountain range is Angus and Hereford, with the odd Shorthorn and Wagyu carcass coming through. This time we’re trying something different – 6 weeks ago this Ex-Dairy Holstein Friesian Cow Beef landed. This isn’t like any old Cow though, like all beef if it’s handled correctly, after having been finished well on the farm, the quality can be absolutely outstanding. Animals of this age and quality command a lot of respect in my book and with such we have tended to the specialist treatment it deserves by dry-ageing for 6 weeks in our Himalayan Salt dry-ageing chamber (The Butchers Vault). This ageing process helps to tenderise the muscles while concentrating the already big flavour profiles we associate with such beef.

There’s a lot of love, care and attention goes into producing beef like this, so i’ll tip my hat to the beauty it is.

Respect the Cow.


  • Beautifully finished Chateaubriand Fillet of beef roast
  • Ex-Dairy Holstein Friesian Cow
  • Dry Aged 6 weeks in our Himalayan Salt ageing chamber
  • Deep meaningful Beef flavour
  • Handled with respect
  • Butchered by professionals

Product Supplied Frozen


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