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T-Bone Steak Black Rock Mountain


Exclusive Black Rock Mountain Beef

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Gluten Free
Gluten Free


This is our T-Bone Steak that comes with a smaller fillet than the Porterhouse but makes up for this with what is often recognised as a better quality Sirloin muscle so for those who are not sure the difference between the two, the Porterhouse is generally larger and the first 3-4 Steaks cut from the whole bone-in Sirloin. The next 3-4 Steaks with a smaller fillet are the T-Bone Steaks.

In the UK these cuts are often both simply sold as T-Bone Steaks but as our industry in the UK and the internet allowing access to worldwide knowledge sharing of different cuts we get many people looking for specifically one or the other. This is the reason we have chosen to adopt this clear terminology to differentiate the two.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where a tenderloin (Fillet) section that is at least 1.25 inches across at its widest point qualifies the steak as a Porterhouse. Anything between 1.24 inches and 0.51 inches makes the steak a T-Bone.

..and there you have it, simple!


This is ‘Black Rock Mountain’ Heritage Angus and Hereford Beef from the foothills of Black Rock Mountain, Ireland. To put this quite simply, this is superior, hand selected beef from an area locally known as “The Model County” famous for its nutrient rich soil and temperate climate, ideally suited to grazing and the production of high quality, traditional grass fed beef.

  • Exclusive Black Rock Mountain Brand
  • Traditional Angus / Hereford beef selected for flavour
  • Grass fed, deep flavours
  • Traditionally Dry Aged
  • Blast frozen to lock in the freshness

Product Supplied Frozen


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