Brisket Chilean Wagyu Point End


Brisket Chilean Wagyu Point End £114.00
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Chilean Wagyu Beef from Mollendo has been a favourite of our for a very long time. Full of flavour and decent marbling gives this meat the lovely eating qualities we come to expect from this meat. These cuts are the ‘Navel Ends’ and great for a small cook. Being only half Briskets obviously makes them smaller and with the beef being more expensive, makes these more affordable and great for the home cook.

These are well trimmed, possibly more than I would personally like but I know many of you like to trim quite hard to get spice flavours into the meat. There may be some lumpy bits of fat but as it renders well I wouldn’t recommend trimming much of anything before cooking. Any thick fat will be incredibly soft and can easily be trimmed away before eating so you’re left with amazing meat that will have you drooling for more…


  • Superior Chilean Wagyu
  • Selected for exceptional flavour and texture
  • Exquisite marbling and beautiful meat
  • Blast frozen on site at its absolute best to lock in the magic

Product Supplied Frozen


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