Brisket Miguel Vergara


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This has to be a contender for one of the most beautiful Briskets on the market. These are Black Angus Briskets from Miguel Vergara, Spain. From their Limited Selection we have sourced a number of these to try out against the Big Guns. I kind of get the feeling some of the other Briskets we do are going to get the chop once these get tried. As these are from a limited selection we’re seeing some pretty special marbling throughout the point and the flat in many of them, much more than you would see in any UK Briskets or Internationals around the same price we see coming through.

It’s time for change, it’s time to up the game!


Since we first introduced Miguel Vergara to the UK market in early 2020, we have now cooked dozens of these Briskets. To be honest the ones we cook are generally rejects, the ones deemed imperfect after going through our inspection process for being either too lean thin or badly butchered. Not once have we been disappointed with the cook, and makes me wonder if we should even bother. If it’s a bit leaner we just make sure to wrap a little earlier or tone down the temperature a bit and if it damaged or missing a part… well, who cares we’ll eat what’s there! Not everything is like peas in a pod but these Briskets really are absolutely superb! This is Brisket Love!